By 2030, every child in our region safe in their own family, or in another setting with caregivers supported by a local faith community.

We believe God wants to deliver help, hope, and healing to every struggling child and family in South-Central Virginia. So, our mission is built on the foundation of partnership with other agencies, churches, and families.


5 years- reduce by 30% the number of vulnerable children living without a loving family and faithful community


10 years- see every child in our region safe in their own family, or with caregivers who are supported by a local faith community


An unhealthy family is like a dangerous river, filled with rocks, debris, and fast-moving water. This river swiftly leads to the steep waterfall of adulthood, tragically forming a new river of disfunction.

Even if you’re not born into an unhealthy river, there are many streams that cause a person to get there—addiction, homelessness, sex trafficking, etc.

In our region, there are many agencies, churches, and families devoted to help children escape from unhealthy rivers by creating meaningful relationships. Some wade in and rescue children through fostering and adopting. Others stand by the river and provide the rescuers with what they need. Still others are upstream, standing in the gap to prevent kids from ending up in negative situations.


As the pioneers behind Vision 30, we’re running up and down the shores of the unhealthy river shouting at passersby, “Can’t you see the children in the water? You have to do something!”

Come down to the river with us.

Let us help you find your place. Not only will other lives be changed, but you will never be the same.